One of the badges you can get on a certain game.

Badges are an online achievment system on Cartoon badges appear if a game has one.

What are badges?Edit

They are an online achievment system.If you're logged into Cartoon,they give you points.There are 4 given points: 100 points,150,200,and while not common,500 points.In order to achieve these badges,you have to do what the description of the badge says,like getting 100 coins or jumping 200 times.If the player does this they will get the badge.The points help increase a bar below.When the bar fills up,you go to the next level.I will start at level 0,then move my way up 1,2,3,4,5,and so on.As the more levels you go to,the more harder it gets to fill up the bar.There are normal badges,badges with SB:SU,and mystery badges.These do not show the objectives to get them,so the player must try to figure it out.For help,they can go to the mystery badge forums,or click "see your badge games" on you're profile.Click the game that has a mystery badge,and It could tell you what the objective is.(MAY NOT WORK ON NEWER GAMES)

Mystery Badge before


Mystery Badge after

Sbsu gb-suburban-karate-master get-darwins-help

Sometimes there is a symbol on the badge.It reads SB:SU

What's the point of badges?Edit

If you've ever heard of Xbox 360 acheivments or Playstation 3 trophies,these have the same point as them.They increase the more time playing the game and more than a reason to just play it.It awards the player and challenges them.It can also be used for bragging rights.

The badges can be seen below the game's screen or if the player collected atleast on badge in the game,you can click "see your badge games" button on you're profile.This takes you to all the games you got badges on.Clicking on them will give you how many badges you've gotten,and the ones you haven't.You can also compare other badges to you're friends you've added on Cartoon