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Battle of the Behemoths is a Cartoon Network game based off Regular Show.It is a fighting game.The game features no badges.


Battle of the Behemoths acts as a typical fighting game.You fight by using Z and X buttons. To move around you press the directional keys.For a special move,you press C and a variant of that attack if you press any of the directional keys.You first select you're character and fight whoever's next.Everyone fights for 2 rounds.If 1 player wins 2 times,the match ends with you being the winner and moving to the next appoanent.If 1 player wins 1 round,but loses th 2nd round,an extra 3rd round will begin.Only one player is possible to win on Round 3.There is also a timer.If the timer runs out of time,the player with the least amount of health loses.


Mordecai & Rigby are watching a 3-D movie with 3-D glasses on until their glasses beam a laser that commeses the Baby Ducks robot.The game then begins.


Baby Ducks(Controlled by Mordacai & Rigby) Balanced
VHS(Controlled by SP & LP) Fast Speed
Geese(Controlled by The Geese Collector) Great at Power
Gaurdian of Secrets(Controlled by Margaret) Normal Power & Good Speed
Snowballs(Controlled Cool Cubed Franslater) Normal Power & Okay at Speed