EDS CandyMachineDeluxe 100x75

Candy Machine Deluxe is an old Cartoon Network game based off of Ed,Edd n Eddy..It does not have any Badges,but is still a fun and addicting game.


You're goal is to make a gumball go into a little can via pipes.You are instructed to make the most creative way to make it to the goal.This can improve you're score.Because of this,there are many other things other than normal pipes.There is a Pong monitor,robot head,"the" fishbowl,microwave,and items that have to be unlocked.



The player press "add a part" and selects thier item.They then drag it to a white square outline.They drop it,and it should stay put.When the player is done with the pipes,they click "drop" and the number of gumballs.(If you mess up,you have 10 chances or gumballs to win)The gumballs run through the pipes and if the pipes lead to the bucket,then you win.If the player loses all of his/her gumballs,then a simple game over screen accures.