Clarence Sneak Peek Clarence Cartoon Network

Clarence Sneak Peek Clarence Cartoon Network

Clarence is a new show on Cartoon Network.It focuses

on Clarence,an optimistic boy who goes on adventures with his two friends Jeff and Sumo.


Clarence was one of the green-lit pilots along with Steven Universe.The pilots were first shown off on Youtube,but got deleted.The pilot can now be officially seen on Cartoon here.

In the pilot,Clarence holds a sleep over at his house.He invites his two friends,(Jeff and Sumo)and get in trouble when the "mystery pinata"is actually full of bees.

This pilot was nominated for a Creative Arts Emmy Award.


The series took off on April 7,2014 with "Fun Dungeon Face Off". The episode could be seen early when a sneak peak was uploaded on Youtube from Cartoon Network.Clarence and friends go to a fast food place with a play-place called the "Fun Dungeon".

Games Edit

  1. Epic Whoa-Ment Maker
  2. Clarence Saves the Day
  3. Clarence's Amazing Day Out!
  4. The Most Awesomsest Battle in History
  5. Blamburger