Class Spirits is a Amazing World of Gumball game. It has 7 badges.


When Penny hangs out with Leslie, Gumball gets jealous and his jealous/evil spirit is now loose around the school


You are gumball (control him with arrow keys) and you try to spill paint to make the area the ghost can go smaller. Gumball's evil spirit is on the losse, and if he touches you, you get possessed and you lose a life.


There are 7 badges in this game:

Paranormal Powers: (mystery badge) Collect all power-ups in a single game.

Free spirit: beat a level

Jealousy be gone: beat level 10

Exor Credit: Complete a level with more than 85% cleared

Finish Line: beat a level in a single move

Charmed and Dangerous: Collect 20 multipliers (the hands) in a single game

Magic Touch: clear the exact amount needed.