This game is a Teen Titans GO! flash game on Cartoon the game,you dig for materials to sell to buy items that improve your machine,or build the Titans Tower.

Story Edit

The game starts with a comic.In it,Beast Boy is digging around as a mole to find Terra. In his haste, he destroys the tower, and now Cyborg has to find him and repair The T-tower.

Badges Edit

There are 6 badges:

  • That's What's Up- you have to completely repair the Titan's tower and then fly around it.
  • Terra Firma- Find Terra (HINT: big down on one side until you reach the bottom, then go toward the middle. You'll see a hole in the ground. Make Cyborg drop through that, and you'll get the badge)
  • Breaking New Ground-Drill down until you get to the second layer (it's yellow/gold)
  • Azarath Metrion Zinthos-Use a portal (There are portals hidden in the ground. These will teleport you just above the shop, so it's a quick way to get out of a sticky situation)
  • Extra Junk-Find all of the hidden easter eggs: objects like raven's spellbook are hidden in the ground. (mystery badge)
  • Drillpower!- Upgrade your drill to the last level (in all, this costs maybe 500,000)

Gameplay Edit

You play the game as Cyborg in a machine that can drill left,right,down,and up.You can fly up pressing the up key.You'll start out with 0 dollars,but you can get more money by digging various minerals underground.To dig down,hold the down key.You have an health bar,and if it goes down to zero you get transported back to the Titan's Tower.You can lose HP by going into lava monsters or falling from high points.Cyborg will flash orange when taking damage.Lava monsters are orange monsters that appear randomly throughout the underground.They can be killed by leaving them into some places with water,that also appear randomly.Black portals also appear randomly.They teleport the player back to the surface. The player can sell minerals found in the underground by selling them in the Titan's Tower.Items can be bought like upgrades to Cybrog's machine and building the Titan's Tower.