Gem Bound

Gem Bound is the first Steven Universe-based game on Cartoon Network.

Items in storeEdit

Gem Bound is reall just Doodle Jump but with Steven Universe characters and some new features.It has a store where you can buy items with coins to help your journey.These items can be a health booster,a pretection to make Steven inthinsible to enemies,and gems,Pearl,Garnet,and Amethyst.


Like doodle jump,the player jumps to one platform to another,while trying not to fall nor hit the enemies.There are also coins,which are used to buy items from the shop.Gem Bound does not end,so the platforms get trickier while going up.When the player eveltually falls,a pink bubble will surround the player.The player can move around while falling and can hit enemies to score extra points.

What do these Items do?Edit

Well there is also a coin doubler,which doubles the amount of money these coins make,when touching them.We also have fall items,which just upgrade you're bouble when you fall down.The most interesting however,are the gems.Like I said earlier these gems are Pearl,Garnet,and Amethyst.All 3 cost 1000 coins,but when commanded unleash huge,wild abilites.Garnet will give you a boost,Pearl will make it rain coins,and Amethyst will whip and destroy any enemies nearby.Worth it! You can also upgrade these abilities.


Here are the badges and how to get them:

Su gembound pearl off

Make It Rain

Mystery Badge:Crash Course: Destroy 7 Enemies while falling. Worth 150 points
Su gembound mystery

Mystery Badge:Crash Course

Su gembound cookiecat

A Pet for Your Tummy

A Pet for Your Tummy: Buy a Cookie Cat in the shop. Worth 100 points.

Make it Rain: Summon Pearl twice. Worth 150 points.

Su gembound jump50full off

Hero Hijinks

Hero Hijinks: Jump on 150 platforms with full energy. Worth 150 points.

Gem Power: Fully upgrade all gems.(Garnet,Pearl,and Amethyst) Worth 200 points.

Su gembound 50coins

Coin Trick

Coin Trick: Collect 50 coins. Worth 100 points.
Su gembound allgems off

Gem Power