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Goat Gardian is the 2nd Steven Universe-based game on Cartoon


In Goat Gardian,you need to collect a golden apple and take it back to the goat.(Steven Jr.)You can collect the pink,purple,and blue gems in each level.There are platforms in each level.Standing on one doesn't do anything but running over it collapses the platform.Along the way there will be 2 powerups:The golden beetle,which gives you a speed boost,and the normal beetle,which gives you a dumble jump.There are also arrow blocks which shoot when you run over them.There are no enemies,except the giant birds.These attack by flying over the screen.A read ! appears when the bird is comming nearby.If Steven touches it,he will die instantly.There are also the bits of golden apples,which you have to colect for the real golden apple to appear.On the level select you can select any level,even if you haven't done it yet.Level 28,the last level,may be the simplest,but the hardest.If you're not getting the mystery badge here it can be easy but if you want to get the badge,it can be a nightmare.I haven't goten it yet,so the picture for it is just the before badge.


After completing level 28,Steven finally catches Steven Jr.It is shown Steven and Steven Jr. happy with the words "YOU DID IT! Steven Jr. is safe...for now!"


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Rock Slide

Rock Slide: Make 250 blocks fall. Worth 150 points.
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Gem Hunter

Gem Hunter: Find all the crystal gems in all levels. Worth 200 points.
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Get that Goat

Get that Goat: Get the first golden apple on Level 1. Worth 100 points.
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Beetle Mania

Beetle Mania: Collect 5 beetles. Worth 100 points.
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Arrows away!

Arrows away!: Shoot 10 arrows out of the arrows blocks. Worth 150 points. Mystery Badge:Look out below!:Make all the blocks fall on Level 28.Worth 200 points.
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Mystery Badge: Look out below!