H.I.V.E 5 is a Teen Titans GO! Game that was changed as the new version of cartoon network came out. Origanlly, None of the heros fought the opponents we have now. There are no badges.


The team tries to take a day off and visit the amusment park, but they get ambushed.


You pick your teen titan/ the person they fight. Raven fights Jinx, Starfire fights Gizmo, Cyborg fights mammoth, Robin fights See-more, and beast boy fights Billy Numerous. For Raven's game, you must smash the prizes before they hit the ground. In beast boy's game, beast boy must use his animal forms to get through the fun house and stop Numerous. Robin is hitting See-more with boomerangs while dodging carts. Cyborg must use his arm-cannon to shout down the food Mammoth throws.( Note: If you just seperate the 2 hot dogs, and don't let the individual ones touch you, you won't take any damage.) For Starfire's quest, she must blow up stuffed aniamls that Gizmo is enchanting.