Killer Z's is a Regular Show game. There are 6 badges.
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Start Up Screen


Mordeci is trying to beat Rigby's high score on a video game, but he stays up too late and falls asleep. Now you have to take him through a video game land to fight the enemy.


Some of your friends (Muscle Man, High Five Ghost, Benson, and Skips) are enemies, but the giant floating pops heads are good. Press S or Down key to talk to pops, who will give you tips. Also, Margrett sometimes appears to Mordeci in the form of an angel. Go Figure.

There are 7 levels, not including the tutorial. In level 2, you have your first chance to get 2 power ups (they are lion hearts, increasing your health). On level 5, you will meet the first boss, High Five Thousand. On level 11, the final boss, Rigby Boss, is in there. Defeat him, and you'll win the game.
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Pop's HintsEdit

Pops will give you hints, so will Margret. The Benson thingies fire Words at you, and in the chamber with High Five Thousand, there will be about 10 normal sized ghosts. Pops will suggest that you get the boots of speed to defeat the boss. in level 5. High Five Thousand will drop nothing besides some xp.


Killer zs
  1. Clean the House(100 Points) Kill all the enemies in a level.Mystery Badge.
  2. Get the Tools(100 Points) Get all the upgrades.
  3. You Are Hired!(150 Points) Defeat 30 Benson Shouters.
  4. High Five Down(150 Points) Defeat High Five Thousand.
  5. Make It Rain(200 Points) Collect 10,000 Money.
  6. Number One(200 Points) Beat the Rigby Boss.