Knit wits is a Regular Show game. The game is based on the episode "Merry Christmas, Mordecai."
Knit Wits

Title Screen


Eileen is hosting a sweater party, but what if two people have the same sweater? Benson and Mordecai do this in the intro scenes, and Benson leaves, commenting "I have never been more embarrassed." While Mordecai goes "Awkward!!". Eileen wants the party to be a success, so she can not allow it to happen.

Badges: Edit

Partying Hall of Fame: score 100,000 points

This is my jam: Keep a party going for 10 minutes

Party Re-Pete: Play the game 10 times

Party starter: Get a 15x combo multiplier

Full House: Keep a party going until all guests arrive

Pulling a Mordecai!: Lose the game 5 times

Strategy Edit

Some strategies are to group the partiers into 2 groups, one group by the dance floor and the tree, the other by the snacks and the tvs/couch. Make sure to keep same sweaters in different groups, or your game will end quickly! #CatBatman