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LEGO Video Player is a video player on Cartoon Network where you can watch videos from LEGO.You could get badges by watching a certain video until the end of the video.


Like said uptop,you could watch a LEGO video until the video ended to get the badge for it.However due to the update to the video player,It is now impossible to get the badges.While all of them are worth 100 points,there were 43 of them.Meaning you could fill up a lot of you're Badge bar.I myself have colected all 43,but getting them really isn't that hard.So I won't show all the badge's pictures,I'll show a few.


Lego galaxysquad video 7 29 13

Galaxy Squad

Lego sw bts 05 30 13

Worth 0 points.What?

All badges are worth 100 points,but there was one that was 0 points! What a ripoff!
Hf video badge on

LEGO Hero Factory

Lego monsterfighters video2 badge

Monster Fighters