Link 'N Smash! is a Sonic Boom online game on Cartoon is a puzzle game.It is the first Sonic Boom on Cartoon game features no badges.


There is a tutorial level in this game, selectable from the main menu.Orbot & Cubot tell you how to control the game and play it. Here's a basic paraphrased rundown:

  • Use the left and right arrow keys to move your tiles left and right.
  • Hold down the down key to make the tile blocks move down faster and shorter.
  • Press the up key to move the locations of the tile blocks.
  • Put character tiles to their specific blocks to get a score.
  • Sonic's block are rings, Tails' is gears, Knuckles' is fists, Amy's is her Piko Hammer, and Sticks' is her boomerang.
  • When a character is flashing on the left screen, click on the flashing character or press the shown number key to do a super move.(Example: Amy is 1, Knuckles is 2, Sonic is 3, Tails is 4, and Sticks is 5)
  • The tutorial ends and Orbot and Cubot tell you to go for the highest score you can.

The tutorial does not state what the super move does, but when activated it removes all the character tiles of the certain character activated from the super move.