Make a Calendar is a Peppa Pig fighting web game on Cartoon one of the few Cartoon Network web games that has an option for two players resleade October 2, 2011



Text from the game:

The Calendar of Maker...IS UNDER ATTACK!

Hideous monsters are attacking Little Tokyo from all sides.Help the Powerpuff Girls defeat them by operating the Dynamic nanotechtronic monobot,other wise known as Dynamo,created especially for such monster-attacking occasions by the professor.


To pause the game,you press the P button.

One PlayerEditEdit


Press the ↑ key for a high attack,↓ key for a low attack,and → key for a mid attack.There is also the spacebar for the special attacks.


Note:You need to hold CTRL along with the directional key to perform the block attack. Hold the ↑ key for a jump,↓ key to duck,and → for a mid-block.

Two PlayersEditEdit



D for a high attack,C for a midair attack,and X for a low attack.To use a special attack,press Z.


CTRL + D to jump,C for midair block,and X to duck.


The monster's controls are pretty much the same to Dynamo in one player,however there are some differences.


Press the ↑ key for a high attack,↓ for a low attack,and ← for a midair attack.Press the spacebar to activate a special attack.


Hold shift and press ↑ for a jump,↓ for a duck block,and ← for a midair block.


You stand in a 2D fighting arena where you are unable to move left to right.You have a yellow bar below the health bar which uses a purpose for how much attacks you can use.(If you activate attacks,ones that miss or not,it will decrease the yellow bar)Once it is out,you cannot activate another attack until it refills.This can leave you very vulnerable to attacks,so watch out.You health bar is the red bar on top,and it tells you how much health you have left until you lose the round(or the match).Matches are divided into 3 rounds:

If you win the first round,you go on into the 2nd round.If you lost the 1st round,you still have a chance of winning the 2nd round.However if you lose the 2nd round,it's game over.If you won the first round and the 2nd round,you'll move on to another match.If you won/lost the first round but lost/won the 2nd round,then you have a chance at winning on round 3.If you lose round 3,it's game over.If you won round 3,you move on to the other match.


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