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Mixit:Video Creator is a video creator game on Cartoon first started in 2009 and later got updated to have clips from more modern cartoons on the channel in the 2010s. It later got removed from the CN website.


Old MixitEdit

Mixit first started in 2009 on Cartoon with many recent cartoons from Cartoon Network at that time.It had clips from Chowder, Regular Show, Flapjack, Courage The Cowardly Dog, and more. Although the homepage,clips,and much of the style of the page different from modern Mixit, it has the same concept. Signed in users can make a mixit by mixing and matching selected clips from CN show episodes and turn them into a video.Users could also edit their mixits and vote a mixit for a blue ribbon award.Winners would be shown on the homepage like shown in the picture.Users could also share Mixits.Mixit later got updated to become Mixit:Video Creator.

Modern MixitEdit

The concept was the same,however voting and sharing were to for this channel.Instead,users could only like mixits.Signed in users can make a mixit by scratch,or choose a template.Templates are adventure,a battle,or a top 5 countdown video.Users can choose clips and templates from various CN shows,(The Amazing World of Gumball,Regular Show,and Adventure Time.)or just clips and templates from Adventure Time.Users can also choose to create a music video,using random show clips and chosen backround music.When users are done with their mixit,they can choose their title of the video.As the Adventure Time Game Creator and various game creators,you have to select selected words that are not offensive or have swear words.Users can then post the mixit on the website,where you and other users can wathc and like the mixit,however you can't edit the mixit.However,you can "remix" the mixit,which is sort of edited your or anothers' mixit. As of 2015, Mixit has been removed from Cartoon

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Modern mixit home page

Making a MixitEdit

Starting From ScratchEdit

You start off with an empty timeline of videos. As you drag and drop clips from the timeline, the video will get longer and you can play it back to see how the video runs. The timeline is limited to 1 minute. Clips from various CN shows can be put, as well as original time slots and bumpers and CN show-related overlays. The video could of then be shared to the website.


Templates are pre-made mixits based off choices the user can make. For top 10's, the user can choose what character can be chosen, and then the system will include a random video featuring that character. They can even include music to run through the entire video.


Mixit adventuremaster off

Adventure Master

Adventure time by other users.

Mixit finntime off

Finn Time

Finn Time:Watch 24 episodes by other users.



Slacker:Make a mixit with mostly or just Mordacai and Rigby videos.


Fish Eye

Fish Eye:Watch a awesome video having a fish tale of Darwin by another user.


Do Over

Do Over:Remix a video of ggguummmbbjnxdnjkds;; dancing