Paint War is a Regular Show game where the park gang is having a war with paintballs in the park.There are no badges.



There are three teams:

Green- Pops is the captain of the team.

Blue- Benson is captain of the team.

Red-Skips is the captain of the team.

Characters and Game ModesEdit

There are 3 playable characters: Mordici, Rigby, and Muscle Man/ High Five Ghost. Muscle Man can be unlocked in the shop for 1000 coins. You play 4 gamemodes for control of a battlefield:

Underpants Flag Capture- The are about 8 flags on the map with white underwear on them. Touch one, your team gets a point and the underpants turn your team's color. Warning: The flags do not stay your color forever, they will turn back to white in about 5-10 seconds.

Target Practice- Targets are laid on the fences. Shoot them to score points.

Paint 'Em All- shoot your oppenents to score points for your team.