Regular Show Park Strikers Walkthrough w Mordecai HD

Regular Show Park Strikers Walkthrough w Mordecai HD

Park Strikers is a game based off of the show Regular Show.It is a puzzle game on Cartoon

It is based off the episode "Skips Strikes".


The game uses 2 buttons and the arrow pads on an average keyboard.

You move the bowling pins with the arrow keys.

To rotate the pins,you press M to move them left and N to move them right.

As an alternative to clicking on the "?" button on the screen,you can press P to pause the game.


There are 6 badges in the game.

Rs parkstrikers mystery

Mystery Badge

Mystery Badge:Magical Element

Play and unlock the character "Death".

200 Points

Rs parkstrikers winround

Honor Roller

Honor Roller:Win 1 round of any game.

100 Points

Rs parkstrikers score50k


Laniac:Score 50,000 Points in a game.

100 Points

Rs parkstrikers chainreaction


Splitsville:Make a chain reaction.

150 Points

Rs parkstrikers goldtrophy

Park Striker

Park Striker:Play as all the characters.(And must unlock and play as the secret character "Death".)

200 Points

Rs parkstrikers 3orless


Pinhead:Win a round or game with 3 or less lines of pins left.

150 Points

How to PlayEdit

Starting a TournamentEdit

You can play with one player or two players.This page will focus on the single player mode.

The game is half simuliar to Tetris.The player starts off choosing an easy,medium,or hard tournament.On easy,you beat 3 opponents,on medium you beat 4,and on hard you beat 5.You can select 5 characters(6 if you count Death).Although nothing is different about these characters gameplay-wise,it is essential for unlocking the character Death.See "Unlocking Death" for details.

After you select a character,you get to fight a random character.


In single player,the character on the right is controlled by the computer.

Playing the game is pretty simple,you control colored pins and bowling balls.The pins and balls drop on the bottom of the board and you have to make all or most of the pins to disappear before they fill up the board and you get a game over.To make them disappear,drop pins on the same colored pins.I there is a larger amount of pins to destroy,it will give you more points.There is also bowling balls that can make the same color of the pins to disappear.You can place pins in a square shape to form power blocks.If you hit a power block with a bowling ball,you get a chain reaction and get more points than regular pins.Breaking lots of pins sends counter pins to mess your opponent.The opponent can also use counter pins on you.When the counter pins reach zero,the pins on the counter pins turn into normal pins.

Counter pins can only be broken by breaking pins next to them.There's also a rare Soul Ball,which instantly breaks a certain amount of pins by the color of the pin it drops on.

Unlocking DeathEdit

The game starts off with 5 characters,but you can unlock the secret character by finishing easy,medium,and hard tournaments with any character or characters.This also unlocks the Park Striker and Mystery Badge badges.


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