Regular Show is popular TV show about two friends Mordecai and Rigby and their wierd and crazy adventures in a park.The show was created by J.G. Quintel.It premiered on Cartoon Network on September 6th,2010 and is ongoing.(As of 2014)


The pilot of the show was "First Day"

TV ShowEdit

As of 2014,there has been six seasons to the show.

Season:               Episodes:               First Ep. Aired(US)            Last Ep.Aired(US)

Season 1               12(minus pilot)        September 6 2010               November 22 2010

Season 2               28                           November 29, 2010              August 1, 2011

Season 3               39                           September 19, 2011             September 3, 2012

Season 4               37                           October 1, 2012                    August 12, 2013

Season 5               37                           September 2, 2013               August 14, 2014

Season 6               40                            October 9, 2014                  TBA

Season 7              Coming Soon


The show has gotten positive reception.


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