You are free to edit any page on this wiki,however there are some rules you must have in mind while editing oor making a page.
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  • Even though Cartoon Network shows are for older kids,(such as ages 11,12,8,etc.) we reccomend you include no profanity in the wiki pages or comments.
  • Do not make a page that is not Cartoon Network related.(Such as a page on Phineas and Ferb or video games like Kingdom Hearts)

If you do make a page that is not CN related,the page will be deleted as soon as possible.


If your editing or making a page,you must have descriptions,content,pictures and/or photos,and videos that is in some way Cartoon Network,Cartoon,or Cartoon Network Game related.For example do not put something from Disney Channel like:

Phineas and Ferb is a show on Disney Channel.

If there is another show on a channel that has a little bit of history to do with Cartoon Network,then do not make a page on it.Instead,just have a sentence or two referencing about that example on a page that example references.

Example:Although ____ is a____ show,it used to appear on Cartoon Network.However,it got ____.

If you really have to make a page on it,keep it short.