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Surbuban Karate Master is the 2nd game based off The Amazing World of Gumball and is based off the episode "The Gi".


You press the ↓ key to slide and the ↑ key to jump.To attack,press the spacebar button. You can press the P key to pause the game.

Sound Control Edit

Press 0 to mute sound.Press the - button to decrease the volume,and + to turn the sound up.


Starting the gameEdit

You start off in the menu screen.You can start the game,a how to play screen,and your stats.Your stats are the records of the total distance you've walked,fighter's defeated,and juice cans you collected.

Playing the GameEdit

You play as Gumball and auto scroll through a sidewalk on a neihborhood.You have three hearts,and when all run out it's a game over.The longer you walk,the longer a green bar on the top right fills up.When it's full,it automaticly spawns Darwin's super move.Gumball flies super fast and destorys anything in front of him.This move lasts for a limited time.When it goes out,you have a short invinsible shield.


7 Badges are only available in Cartoon Network Asia.The last 4 badges here are in the other versions in other states.


(ASIA)Yellow Belt

(ASIA)Yellow Belt:Walk to the 2,500m Mark.

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(ASIA)Green Belt

(ASIA)Green Belt:Walk to the 5,000m Mark.

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(ASIA)Black Belt

(ASIA)Black Belt:Walk to the 10,000m Mark.


(ASIA)Karate Can-Can

(ASIA)Karate-Can Can:Collect 5000 cans.

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(ASIA)Bushido Master

(ASIA)Bushido Master:Defeat 250 karate fighters.


(ASIA)Karate Combo

(ASIA)Karate Combo:Perform the Darwin power-up 5 times in a single game.


(ASIA)Karate Kata

(ASIA)Karate Kata:Collect 500 juice cans without losing energy.

Gb skm cat


(ASIA AND OTHER STATES)Cat Lover:Jump over a cat.

100 Points

Sbsu gb-suburban-karate-master get-darwins-help

Get Help from a Friend

Get Help from a Friend:Spawn Darwin's power-up for the first time.

100 Points

Gb skm punch

Black Belt

Black Belt:Defeat 10 Karate Guys.

150 Points

Gb skm 3000m

Karate Weiner

Karate Weiner:Walk it to 3000 meters in a single game.

200 Points



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