The Amazing World of Gumball title screen


The Unaired Gumball pilot

The Unaired Gumball pilot

The Amazing World of Gumball is a British/American TV show by Ben Bocquelet and airs on Cartoon Network.The series first aired on May 3rd,2011.


The pilot for the show was never aired,but looking at it nothing has really changed between the pilot and the real show.All the characters shown in the pilot look the same in the real show.That is,until Gumball & Darwin.Darwin is in CGI unlike animated in the show.His face looks differant too.Gumball has a yellow jacket and looks wierd.Their voices sound younger than the real show.In the pilot Gumball & Darwin have an escape plan to get out of school.We see the chain reaction all through the pilot,until the end.Unfortenly,the plan fails and the pilot ends.The music in the pilot sounds mostly like the real show's theme song.Other than Gumball & Darwin,the pilot's nothing differant than the real show.


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The series revolves around the life of a young cat named Gumball (Logan Grove) and his frequent crazy shenanigans in the fictional American city of Elmore. Throughout the series, he interacts with characters such as his adoptive brother and best friend Darwin (Kwesi Boakye), his sister Anais (Kyla Rae Kowalewski) and his parents Nicole and Richard (Teresa Gallagher and Dan Russell).


This description is from Wikipedia All credit goes to them.

The Amazing World of Gumball has received generally positive reviews, with most critics praising the show's visuals, music, and humour. In a favorable review, Brian Lowry of Variety described the series as "mostly a really clever spin on domestic chaos" and "first-rate silliness."[14] Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly was also positive, writing: "There are few examples of mainstream children's programming as wildly imaginative, as visually and narratively daring, as The Amazing World of Gumball."[15] Reviews from the Daily Mail praised The Amazing World of Gumball as a "gloriously surreal chunk of fast and funny telly"[16] and "the kind of clever children's comedy that parents can also enjoy."[17]

The A.V. Club's Noel Murray graded the DVD release of the series' first 12 episodes a B+, writing that "what sets [The Amazing World of Gumball] apart from the many other super-silly, semi-anarchic cartoons on cable these days is that it features such a well-developed world, where even with the eclectic character designs, there are recognizable traits and tendencies."[18] Wired writer Z noted that the series "manages to have genuine heart even as the plots themselves transition from well-worn TV tropes to all out madness."[19]


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