Tower Lockdown is a Teen Titans GO! game on Cartoon based off of Teen Titans GO!
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In Tower Lockdown,you must go through many rooms of the Titan Tower.There are 30 levels in the game.All have you trying to go through timed jumps,puzzles,and other tricky things.On some levels,you can walk on walls,use mirrors,and flipping rooms.All of these are used to get to the goal.There are also some other video game references,like Super Mario.The game is a challenge to complete and is actually a fun game.If you get stuck,you can use a Raven hint on the pause screen.


These are the badges your earn in the game:

Helping Hero (Mystery Badge): Use one of Raven's helping hints.

Couch Potato Badge: Turn on the TV in Level 11.

First Floor Badge: Beat Level 1

First Floor badge


Couch Potato


Add it all up!

Add It All Up Badge: Beat the math level (Level 24)

Meystery Badge:Helping Hero

Meet Silkie Badge: Beat the Silkie Level (Level 13)

Towering Titan Badge: Beat the Final Level


Meet Silkie!


Towering Titan!