Winging It is a game on Cartoon Network based off of Regular Show.It is the 4th game created on the website.

It is based off the episode "A Bunch of Baby Ducks".


Starting the GameEdit

The game has two modes,Story Mode and Free Mode.The story mode is where your main mission is to reach the end of the distance bar and save Rigby's baby ducks.Free mode has no mission,instead you just reach for a high score and try to survive.


The game can be controlled with only a computer mouse.

You click the left click to make Mordacai and Rigby fly when stationary and drop fast when flying.

Also,you can double click the left click to make Mother Duck fly higher.

Playing the GameEdit

The game can is simple but hard to master at.You control the Mother Duck,and to get her moving you press the left click to make her fly.The objective of the game is to land on a car while watching for Mother Duck's energy bar.The longer she flies,the more the energy bar will run out.You can increase the bar by getting Energy Drinks which randomly pop up in the sky.Whenever you land on the top of a car or truck,you get points.The game seems simple,but you can't just always land on the top of cars or trucks.If Mother Duck gets too low,she will hit the back of the car/truck.This will give you game over with the option to continue.

There is also another item called the rocket.It repleneshes the energy bar and can get Mordacai and Rigby past 10 cars.It appears very rarely,however.

In story mode,watch out for the timer,as when it goes to 0 you will lose the game.


There are 6 badges in the game.


Mystery Badge

Mystery Badge:Close Call

Land safley after getting hit by an obstacle.

100 Points


Right Brothers

Right Brothers:Land on or clear 40 cars in a single flight.(Either mode)

200 Points


The Power

The Power:Grab 3 Power Drinks(Story Mode Only)

100 Points


Rocket Rider

Regularshow wingingit 2xrockets

Rocket Rider:Grab 2 rockets in a single flight(Free Mode Only)

200 Points


Wing Ding

Wing Ding:Score 50,000 Points (Free Mode Only)

200 Points


Hunting the Hunter

Hunting the Hunter:Beat the Game With More Than 6 Minutes Left (Story Mode Only)

150 Points


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